Troy Ziel leads his life by combining heart, passion and entrepreneurship through various forms of expression including fine art photography, running a successful graphic design studio called ZielCreative, and working on commercial assignments and commissions. His foundation of study came from working with film long before the digital camera ever emerged on the scene. He fell in love with the magic of the darkroom, diving into technique, studying alternative films and processes. He earned a B.F.A. in Fine Art in 1998 and currently lives in Emeryville, CA — just a stones throw from San Francisco where he works on commissions when not traveling on assignment.

“I make pictures because deep within me is this intense desire to explore the world, to capture those decisive moments, then print and display them for others to enjoy. The drive to record and share how I see my experiences has always been a gratifying process. It lets me not only be more present in the world, but a detective for beauty and story as well. I make pictures with the print in mind. All of the time, energy, great distances and creativity culminates in a visual display for the world to see. The printed image is also where I feel the most vulnerable since it is the last step in the creative process and you are seeing a part of me. There is nothing quite so sensual and personal as a photographic print that emotionally connects us.”

Troy Ziel signing a print
Troy Ziel signing a print

What’s Next…

Heart Rock - by Troy Ziel“What is fascinating about Photography today and what you can do with digital cameras, is the manipulation of time. Images can be captured in a fraction of a second, a few seconds, or sustained for several minutes. The camera can also see in ways our eyes cannot. I enjoy bending time. Waterfalls can blur and star trails can be captured and I can paint with flashlights for several minutes for one exposure. This time bending capability fascinates me, and is engrained to a large degree in my work right now. I am currently working on a series of light paintings… using flashlights and long exposure.”