Carpe Diem'ing It and Unplugging, While Killing the Monkeys in My Mind.

It’s very rare for me to unplug. This entire weekend I had the intention to just let the days unfold without plan. It’s verrrry slow. I admit I felt apprehensive at first since checking email and letting the day unfold by reacting to the needs of others is what I’m accustomed to. Days that whiz by. Time spent designing, texting, watching senseless videos and content online, and endless searching. Downloading. Constant reaction really. But this weekend is for me and that felt foreign yet familiar from a distant past when I’d give myself more days like this; I think even way before cel phones were attached to our hands, and when it was okay to get back to someone the day after. Has life just been blowing by so fast I didn’t realize it?

Yesterday I heard the sounds of bees and the wind blowing through dry wheatgrass on a hike down to the ocean. Sounded like a symphony for several long minutes with my eyes closed. I watched fog ebb and flow over water as if it were alive. I watched someone make sourdough bread this morning and when it came out of the oven I inhaled its aroma, chewed slowly and savored every bite. I noticed my monkey mind and the thoughts that came and went. I brought awareness to my breath, what I observed, and what I wanted to say but didn’t. Listening to the quiet. Hearing the keyboard as I type even. How is it that days, weeks, months even years go by at home that I forget all these sensations? Because they aren’t dull at all… It’s curious the facebook’s, the twitters, the emails, the instantaneous information… I feel like I have to learn something new every day almost. Hailing a cab now even requires an app. What’s going on here?

I had a massage on Friday to get my mind and body HERE. I had trouble turning my mind off but eventually it slowed down in the end when I felt like a pulp. I ran into the masseuse yesterday (Saturday) and she outstretched her arms and said, CARPE DIEM TROY! And that stressed me out! I have to seize the day?! How?! That sounds like a big thing to have to accomplish. Then I reminded myself of my plan to not plan. LOL. And I did Carpe Diem it! And I’m doing it today too!

Anyhow, I’m here at Ratna Ling Buddhist Retreat Center. I come here to volunteer from time to time whenever I can or requested to do so. Tomorrow I will train a new graphic designer that arrived here last week. I will update their website and cottage photos as well as help implement a reservation system so people can reserve specific cottages. The video commercial virtual tour I did for them last year continues to bring them a lot of business which is a great thing! The cottage always seem to be full every weekend which was the intention. There is always more to do here as there is a deeper cause. It’s a wonderful place and a wonderful gift to be able to retreat, slow down, and contribute. If you feel like you need to ever unplug, or desire retreat… don’t hesitate! Because there’s no doubt the electronic storm is waiting just around the corner. 😉 Carpe Diem out there folks wherever you are!

Enjoy some of the photography I did during past volunteer visits. It’s pretty up here.