5 days of a #BlackandWhiteChallenge. Nominated by other photographers and circulated on social media… the challenge was to post 1 monochromatic photo each day for 5 days in a row.

Day 1 of 5 – A Burst of Gratitude on this [Thanksgiving] day.
Genesis by Troy Ziel

Oakland has a treasure… The Cathedral of Christ the Light, also pillsarena.com called Oakland Cathedral, is the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland in Oakland, California. It is the seat of the Bishop of Oakland. Christ the Light is designed by architect Craig W. Hartman, of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. It is an experience walking into this sacred place. #blackandwhiteChallenge

Day 2 of 5 – Drakes Beach in Point Reyes, CA. I ventured way past sunset and have to admit, I’ve always adored the way sea foam trails remind me of ebb and flow in life. Baker Beach Evening of Ebb and Flow

Day 3 of 5 – “Black Birds on Wires” – I love the one just hanging out alone…

Black Birds on Wires - by Troy Ziel

Day 4 of 5 – “You See Who I Am” – San Migeul de Allende, Mexico

This woman full of zest, story and intrigue invited me and my travel companions into her living room after a long exchange in conversation. She sat on the stairs telling us a story full of expression about aging, and the collection of things that mean so much to her over the years. Now a sanctuary turned museum if you will… and memories of hay day San Miguel.

You See Who I Am - by Troy Ziel

Day 5 of 5 – “Hong Kong Neon Lights” – Hong Kong. It’s crazier in color.

HongKongNeonLights - by Troy Ziel