An Artful Japanese Breakfast – and Onsen (Hot Spring Bath)

Continuing from my previous blog post of the most beautiful Zen Garden I’ve ever seen… Harumi and I started our day each taking our own private zen hot spring bath followed by a very traditional Japanese Onsen Breakfast at Yuyado Souan. The breakfast spread was a sight to see as there were so many colorful dishes and configurations of tasty bites. The “Onsen Egg” was famous for that region and tasted very good.  A typical Japanese-style breakfast is rice, miso soup, grilled fish, and Japanese pickles. A small, salty plum was served as well as “natto” or sticky fermented soy beans. I personally didn’t recognize everything I ate nor do I remember bursting memorable flavors (aside from the onsen egg) – but it was the experience of all the dishes and the pretty presentation I will never forget. I was just happy enough to not have to do the dishes!